Premium Quality
Indian Basmati Rice

It is our passion for quality, precision and efficiency that has ensured our success in all areas of our expertise.

Hilal Basmati rice

We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of the highest quality basmati rice in India.
Our rice is rich in taste and superior quality in terms of purity, nutritiousness, delicious smell and rich aroma.
Hygienically processed and packaged in accordance with industry standards, our rice is widely appreciated in the world market for its high nutritional value.

Hilal Basmati - The Gift of Indian Nature

Procurement of healthy raw materials is the most important step when it concerns to quality assurance.
Thus, we focus on high standards from the very beginning.
Our rice mill has SITAKA's high-tech Japanese processing equipment, which secures excellence at every stage. We have an excellent infrastructure for the procurement, production, quality control and distribution of rice.

Why are we

Hilal Basmati is one of the brightest representatives of the Basmati rice family with the longest grains and extra aroma.
The quality of Basmati produced by us is in accordance with international standards! This is premium rice, with uniform aged grains and great taste!
With us you will be delighted for choice! We offer Basmati rice in several packages.
Our brand of rice maintains the perfect ratio of value and price. You will get the best price.
Demand for our rice is growing day by day, and in a short time we have achieved tremendous success, which has led to a large number of representatives in different regions.